LW CRYSTAL THERMO 300 for flat roof

LW CRYSTAL THERMO 300 for flat roof


LW CRYSTAL THERMO is a set ready for assembly into flat roof. Immediately available for the lowest price directly from the manufacturer.


Package contents of the THERMO set:

  1. Crystal daylight catcher with cuff and accessories
  2. Glass ceiling diffuser (daylight diffuser) with white frame
  3. Blue Performance U 0,6W / m2K
  4. 1x reflective tube in the length of 625mm
  5. mounting accessories


Glass dome made of Bohemian Crystal

The sun tunnels Lightway Crystal are unique, thanks to the crystal dome. It is made of Bohemian crystal and it collects 30% more natural daylight that polycarbonate equivalents. It is resistant against aging even in intense U.V. light and weather conditions. Both the crystal glass and the design of the domes create the properties that allow that natural light (even when cloudy) without distorting the natural colours of daylight..

The surface of the crystal is polished and hard, so smog or impurities do not stick to it, that’s why it needs almost no maintenance. The crystal dome does not turn yellow after a few years and emits the same light for decades.

High reflective light tube and adjustable elbow

The Inside of the Lightway tube is a mirror created by electro plating of silver & silcon oxide, allowing maximum light reflectivity and lifetime stability. This reflective layer will not peel or be warped by changes of temperature or humidity.

Connecting the light tube to the adjustable elbow, Blue Performance insulation and a dimmer is easy due to systematic connections, which is a standard part of package.

Technical information

reflection of reflexive layer of the pipe 99,8%

ray diffusion during reflection in 45 angle in pipe <6%

  • the basic material is aluminium, 99,7%
  • overall maximum distance of sun pipe is up to 80 meters, including 2 adjustable elbows 90° direction change of the conduit. The conduit of the tube can be vertical or horizontal without any effect on performance.

 The loss of light affected by tube length can be as little as:

  • within 10 meters 0,5%
  • more than 10 meters 0,7%

Thermal insulation element Blue Performance

The insulation element Blue Performance prevents thermal leaks through the pipe from the interior in winter. On the other hand in the summer, it prevents interior overheating due to excessive temperature. Blue Performance prevents water condensation in the space of the pipe and following water splashing into the diffuser and the ceiling construction. It is easy to connect the light tube to insulation element Blue Performance and a dimmer.

  • prevents thermal leaks and emoluments
  • coefficient of thermal permeability U 0,6W/m2K
  • prevents water condensation in the pipe of sun tunnel


Glass ceiling diffuser – light diffuser

The glass diffuser distributes light evenly throughout the room and it prevents the direct glare of lightr. It is made of glass, that’s why it doesn't turn yellow and it lets the sunlight through well without any loss on light intensity and any change on the colour spectrum. The diffuser is already assembled with the tube of the length 200mm. It is easy to connect the light tube to isolation element Blue Performance and a dimmer.

  • it is made of sodium-potassium glass
  • does not turn yellow, does not change colour spectrum
  • white colour trim