LW 600 45° Elbow

LW 600 45° Elbow


 The adjustable tube elbow

The elbow with adjustable angle in range of 0 – 45° is used for the direction change of conduction of the pipe. The flexible elbow is easy to connect to another elbow with the same diameter, the pipe, insulation element Blue Performance and a dimmer.

 The inside reflective layer is made of silver and silicon oxide, which are fixed by chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum.

 Technical information:

  • reflection of reflexive layer of the pipe 99,8%
  • ray diffusion during reflection in 45° angle in pipe <6%
  • the basic material is aluminium, 99,7%

The loss of light during the use of the element:

  • Flexible elbow 45°, 2%
  • Flexible elbow 90°, 4%


Type 200, 152mm

Type 300, 220mm

Type 400, 320mm

Type 600, 520mm

Type 800, 754mm

Type 1200, 1159mm