Why is sunlight missing?

The invention of light bulbs meant another shift for Homo sapiens away from natural conditions. Current lifestyles lead to many people suffering from lack of sunlight.

  • A lack of sunlight can cause an illness involving thinning of the bones (Ostepenia).
  • Our eyes burn and we pay for it by lighting electrically during the day?
  • We live and work in buildings and on sunny days bulbs and lamps shine in them and on us.
  • After how long do we find that we suddenly need glasses for reading?
  • How do people feel – employees who are closed in electrically-lit buildings all day?
  • And why is the dome from Bohemian Crystal?
  • Why are the reflective layers made from silver and silicon oxides and the layers are vapor-deposited in a vacuum?
  • Why is the light diffuser in the room from glass and not from plastic?