Galaxy sun tunnels

A sun tunnel with Incredible Power

Our classic crystal sun tunnels have crystal domes with great performance. Here is a solution for those who want even more. The fascinating performance of the entire sun tunnel is caused by our new roof component, Lightway Galaxy – the light collector. It catches daylight and concentrates its beams into a tube with a much smaller diameter than the collector itself. It does not matter if it is winter, overcast or sunny. The performance is huge.

Lightway crystal sun tunnels are suitable wherever there is darkness during the day

Sun tunnels are a source of daylight for rooms without windows. They gather sky sunlight by using a crystal dome, which is redistributing the incomin light beams downwards via mirrored tube stage, transferring light by highly effective reflexive layer. This results in daylight directly transported into the rooms being usually in need of use of electric light during the da, while now you suddenly have crystal clear daylight pouring in. And the result? Nature itself – healthy light, not harming your eyes, provides natural undistorted vision collours, has positive influence in psychic mood.

Making room also optically lager,with natural shine and feel of cleanliness. Some have called it a miracle.

How is the Galaxy sun tunnel unique?

  • Large light collector and super-reflective optical layer of silver provides even better collection of sunlight
  • Anti-reflective collecting glass Clearvision and impurity-repelling nanolayer components
  • High temperature tube insulation guarantees minimum heat loss


Lightway Crystal Diffusers

In order for need of huge amount of daylight delivered, as to be evenly spread throughout the room, we have designed and constructed special diffusers using crystal cut glass. Here is a election of some of them.

Sunlight flow diffuser from hand-cut Bohemia Crystal

A play of sunlight inside massive hand-cut crystal glass

Sunlight flows out of the glass mass and illuminates its surroundings.

Lightway Crystal Columns

An extreme amount of daylight illuminates these light columns produced from massive crystal. Daylight pours out of the glass mass and dynamically brightens its surroundings in all the colors which belong to natural vision during sunlight.



Pure sunlight is led through sun tunnels into rooms and dark corners. Places which would be dark during the day, or have to be lit artificially, sparkle with clean daylight from the ceiling or the wall with Universum, made from Bohemian cut crystal.