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    The special sun tunnel with a passable light collector

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    Product description

    Lightway SKYWALKER – special sun tunnel


    The special sun tunnel with a passable light collector built in pavements, terraces, roads and in other types of communications.

    The sun tunnel SKYWALKER is specially made for installation into passable or mobile areas. Its application can be used in terrace floor, pavement or in other types of communications.

    The dome as a collector is replaces by special safety glass installed in a waterproof aluminum trim. The level of the glass safety is designed according to the activity of the sun tunnel during its using.

    The range of the glass strength varies from the walking strain to the heavy truck traffic.


    Main attributes:

    • size/diameter of sun tunnel from 200mm to 1200mm

    • collects light on the walking or mobile areas

    • does not limit the traffic

    • wide range of the glass strength

    • hardened glass maximum resistant against scratches


    The sun tunnel SKYWALKER is custom-made.


    High reflective light tube

    Inside of the Lightway tube there flows sunlight into the interior. The inside walls of the tube are created by extremely powerful mirrors with maximum light reflectivity.

     The inside reflective layer is made of silver and silicon oxide, which are fixed by chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum. The layer will not or peel it or be warped by changes of temperature and humidity.

     Connecting the light tube to the adjustable elbow, Blue Performance insulation and a dimmer is easy due to systematic connections, which is a standard part of package.

     Technical information:

    • reflection of reflexive layer of the pipe 99,8%

    • ray diffusion during reflection in 45 angle in pipe <6%

    • the basic material is aluminum, 99,7%

    • overall maximum distance of sun pipe is up to 80 meters, including 2 adjustable elbows 90° direction change of the conduit. The conduit of the tube can be vertical or horizontal without any effect on performance.

     The loss of light affected by tube lenght can be as little as:

    • within 10 meters 0,5%

    • more than 10 meters 0,7%


    Type 200, 152mm

    Type 300, 220mm

    Type 400, 320mm

    Type 600, 520mm

    Type 800, 754mm

    Type 1200, 1159mm


    Glass ceiling diffuser – light diffuser

    The glass diffuser spreads light through the room and it prevents direct

    glare of light in interior. It is made of glass, that’s why it doesn't turn yellow and it lets the sunlight through well without any loss on light intensity and any change on the color spectrum. The diffuser is already assembled with the tube of the length 200mm. It is easy to connect the light tube to isolation element Blue Performance and a dimmer.

    • it is made of sodium-potassium glass

    • does not turn yellow, does not change color spectrum

    • white color trim


    Thermal isolation element Blue Performance

    The isolation element Blue Performance prevents thermal leaks through the pipe from the interior in winter. On the other hand in the summer, it prevents interior overheating due to excessive temperature. Blue Performance prevents water condensation in the space of the pipe and following water splashing into the diffuser and the ceiling construction. It is easy to connect the light tube to isolation element Blue Performance and a dimmer.

    • prevents thermal leaks and emoluments

    • coefficient of thermal permeability U 0,6W/m2K

    • prevents water condensation in the pipe of sun tunnel


    Additional LED light

     It is used for illumination in the time of year when it is dark outside. Your sun tunnel Lightway will do the function of the sun tunnel as well as the ceiling light.

     LED strap will be easily stuck in two threads on the inside of pipe above the ceiling diffuser.

     Standard chromaticity of the light is warm white.

     The power of LED light for individual types/sizes of sun tunnels:


    Size/typeof sun tunnel

    Lenght of LED strap

    Outputof the source

    LW 200

    70 cm

    40 W

    LW 300

    140 cm

    40 W

    LW 400

    210 cm

    40 W

    LW 600

    330 cm

    60 W

    LW 800

    480 cm

    60 W



    The dimmer of the light – optional accessory

     The shaft clamp inside of the pipe closes the supply of the light into the interior. It is easy to connect the dimmer to the refective pipe, adjustable elbow, isolation element Blue Performance or the diffuser.

    Product Parameters

    Sun pipe diameter
    200 mm
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