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    How to choose the sun tunnel

    1. Choose the diameter / diameter of the light pipe

    In most of the types you can choose out of 4 types/sizes: 200, 300, 400 and 600. The size of 800 is possible only with SILVER sun tunnels and the size of 1200 is possible only with MAXIMUS sun tunnels.

    The bigger the number is, the bigger is the diameter as well as the light power.


    2. Determine the type of your roof and roofing

    • pitched roof with corrugated sheet – all usual types of roof tiles

    • pitched roof with smooth sheet – roof shingle, PVC asphalt roofing

    • flat roof - PVC asphalt roofing, green roof, sheet metal roof


    3. Find the suitable sun tunnel based on your requirements and chosen parameters

     We recommend you to choose from the special discount kits Lightway Crystal

    • it is financially more favorable

    • assembled with the crystal dome

    • can be used for all types of roofs and roofings

    • in the stock, ready for delivery and assembly


    If you need any help with choosing the sun tunnel or you have some questions, please contact our customer service.

    Tel: 0333 20 20 976

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